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Ecogen Denetim ve Sertifikasyon Ltd. Şti

ECOGEN pays great attention to ensuring that Control and Certification services are conducted in an impartial, independent, effective, international and ethical manner by employing experienced and reliable controllers, certificates and other personnel in the certification activities.

ECOGEN Denetim ve Sertifikasyon Ltd. Şti., Was established in 2017 in Istanbul in order to provide quality and quantity determination at every stage of the logistic chain of Control and Certification services and commercial cargo in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code.

Ecogen legally allowed to offer services in Turkey Trade Registry Gazette (dated 03.09.2017 / No. 395 / pp. 9280) are indicated. Within these activities, any activities in the field of consultancy activities and certified products and services (design, manufacture, installation, maintenance or distribution of a product to be documented or documented, or the design, implementation, operation or maintenance of a documented or documented process, or a documented or documented there is no design, implementation, provision or maintenance of the service.

Ecogen Denetim ve Sertifikasyon Ltd. Şti.

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